Performance notes:

  • Since I play this in D tuning, that high D is at the tenth fret. Since I play this on a fretless, I inserted what Brad Leftwich calls a roll at the beginning of the 4th measure. A roll, according to Brad in his excellent Round Peak Style Clawhammer Banjo book (available from Mel Bay and most highly recommended), is "striking a lower string on the offbeat with your index finger, raking it across all the higher strings, and finally picking the fifth string on the beat with your thumb." I use it because it sounds cool rhythmically, and it also gives me a little extra time to jump up and figure out where that high D is.
  • Notice the open string pull-offs on the first string in the 2nd measure.
  • In the B part, really accent the dropthumb in the second eighth note of the first measure, last eighth note of the 2nd measure, second eighth note of the 3rd measure, second eighth note of the 4th measure, and second eighth note of the 5th measure.
  • Make the sure the open string pull-offs really snap in the B part in measures 2 and 5.